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Nathalie maxi pants

Nathalie Cuffed Hem Maxi Pants Pale Yellow

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Unveil your unique sense of style with the Jacky fringed wrap midi skirt, where classic meets contemporary in a seamless dance of fashion. Cut from a joyful amethyst hue of stretch georgette, the distinctive fringing detail adds a playful twist to the traditional design, creating a dynamic movement that effortlessly catches the eye. Securing the skirt with an artful touch, laces gracefully wrap around the waist. Beyond their functional purpose, these laces serve as a sensual embellishment, inviting attention to the waistline. Pair this skirt with heeled sandals, and a tube top in a matching amethyst shade, and some oversized geometric earrings for a playful finishing touch.

Pale Yellow

Linen Blend Stretch 52%Linen 46%Viscose 2%Elastane
This is linen blend stretch pants. Made in italy