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Nathalie maxi pants

Nathalie Cuffed Hem Maxi Pants Pearl White

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Envelop yourself in the allure of oversized magnificence with the Nathalie cuffed hem maxi pants that redefine the boundaries of conventional attire. Designed with the discerning trendsetter in mind, the pants feature a strategic blend of form and function. The carefully placed belt loops beckon you to experiment with styling, encouraging a personalized approach to fashion. At the back, a singular welt pocket adds a touch of unexpected utility, disrupting the norm with a subtle wink at practicality amidst the avant-garde aesthetic. Cast in a captivating pearl white pinstriped fabric, pair these pants with heeled pumps, the Pauline vest, and an oversized blazer to complete the look.

Pearl White

Pinstriped 96%Polyester 4%Viscose
This is pinstriped pants. Made in Italy