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Kendall mini dress

Kendall Offshoulder Mini Dress Black

255 EUR -40% 153 EUR Tax included.



Grace yourself with the allure of the exceptional in the Kendall mini dress in black stretch jersey. Beckoning the modern woman who exudes confidence effortlessly, the off-the-shoulder neckline exposes the contours of the shoulders and collarbones, creating an exquisite frame for the wearer's inherent beauty. The cut-out at the front captures attention and accentuates the wearer's charisma. While the front captivates with its daring features, the back of the dress and long sleeves maintain a refined understatement, creating a captivating juxtaposition between modesty and sensuality. For a resoundingly stylish appeal, pair this off-the-shoulder dress with some thigh-high boots, an oversized blazer worn over the shoulders, and a mini top-handle bag.


Jersey Stretch 94%Polyester 6%Elastane
This is jersey stretch dress. Made in Italy