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Orchid crop top

Orchid Turtleneck Crop Top Black

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The Orchid turtleneck crop top: a captivating garment that beckons the secrets of the night into your wardrobe. Crafted from resilient black shiny lycra, the deep hue mirrors the secret vibrancy that awakens when the world slips into slumber. With its long sleeves and straight hem, this crop top strikes a balance between casual and confident, making it a versatile choice for any occasion. The lycra fabric not only hugs your curves but also lends a subtle edge, effortlessly elevating your style. Pair this top with a long flowing skirt for an evening ensemble, or keep things casual with some flared pants and sneakers.


Shiny Lycra 80%Nylon 20%Elastane
This is shiny lycra top. Made in Italy