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Ottavia blazer

Ottavia Hourglass Blazer Pearl White

$1,065 Tax included.


Embrace the power of sartorial contrasts when you don yourself in the Ottavia hourglass blazer. Draped in a gray canvas adorned with pearl white stripes, the material becomes a narrative in itself. The hourglass form takes center stage, effortlessly merging broad shoulders with a single-breasted closure to forge a striking visual impact. A peaked lapel collar adds an element of architectural refinement, underscoring the audacious spirit that defines this exceptional blazer. Welt pockets, a discreet embellishment, contribute to the bespoke nature of this creation. Pair it with matching pinstriped tailored pants, heeled pumps, and a leather satchel bag for a trendy yet professional aura.

Pearl White

Pinstriped 96%Polyester 4%Viscose
This is Pinstriped Blazer. Made in Italy